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15/5/23 Featuring everyone! Our Piano Concert at the Normansfield Theatre was amazing! We had 33 students performing the music of Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Lily Pichu, Lizt, Debussy, John Legend, Ed Sheeran and many more!

My student Theo performing a short version of Fantaisie Impromptu at school.

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My name is Cristian Van-Schuerbeck and I have been giving piano lessons in Teddington for over 10 years, also covering surrounding areas like Hampton Wick, Strawberry Hill, Kingston Upon Thames, Richmond Upon Thames. I currently have students from Collis Primary, SMSP, Teddington School, Waldegrave School, St. John’s primary, Hampton School, Lady Eleanor Holles, Kingston Grammar, Grey Court School, Since then I have organised piano concerts for my students once a year at the beautiful Normansfield Theatre in Teddington you can visit the photos section to look at some of the performances. I am also accepting adults students of all ages and skill levels in the morning and early afternoon (also check for an evening slot if available). You can learn for fun or prepare for Grades (ABRSM)

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Piano lessons in Teddington recital at the Normansfield Theatre.


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Teaching piano is an exciting journey and along with that your creativity needs to be constantly at work, every student is different and sometimes you have to find new ways to encourage your students to achieve improvement either with technique, sight-reading or adapting pieces so they can still enjoy playing their favourite music. In this…

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My name is Cristian Van-Schuerbeck and I have been teaching piano in Teddington for over 10 years. Since then I have organised wonderful recitals with a minimum or 30 students and an audience of nearly a hundred people! My students have achieve their ABRSM grades, they also learn for fun and have developed a great…

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