Johann Sebastian Bach

He is known as the father of all composers, I discovered the music of J.S. Bach at a very early age when my grandmother used to play classical music for me before I fell asleep. His music is considered mathematical but also full of inspiration and complexity. I had the opportunity to visit his grave in Leipzig, Germany back in 2019. Bach was a music teacher and his music lives in the streets of Leipzig. You can feel this in the air when you visit this place. I also visited the Bach museum where you can see manuscripts of his music! One of my favourite pieces by Bach is the French Suite No. 1 in D minor Allemande.

Visiting Bach’s resting place was a wonderful experience – some of my students were lucky to have a souvenir pencil from the museum! I would definitely recommend that you visit this beautiful place in Leipzig – Germany.

Published by Cristian Van Schuerbeck

Piano Teacher in Teddington, Greater London, England with over 15 years experience teaching the piano to children and adults. Music Composer, father of two Children and Self Development expert :)

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