Improve your sight-reading

Hello everyone, This post is to review and recommend Paul Harris’s Improve your sight-reading Grade 1 by Faber Music. Teaching piano for many years I have realised that students find it difficult to follow structure. Improve your sight-reading by Paul Harris Grade 1 has 9 stages that you can use to progress smoothly and alsoContinue reading “Improve your sight-reading”

Congratulations ABRSM Grade 5 with online lessons!

Teaching over lockdown is definitely a challenge, but using the right tools, perseverance and discipline you can achieve anything. Very pleased with my students Theo, Charlotte and Aidan who have passed their Grades having only online lessons. Many congratulations to Maya for achieving her Grade 2 with online lessons as well! I am currently alsoContinue reading “Congratulations ABRSM Grade 5 with online lessons!”

All Cows Eat Grass – Good boys deserve Football

I am sure you have heard this before, this is an anagram to help you remember the notes on the music staff, you start by remembering the phrase, then the letter then you have to locate it on the piano then on the music sheet then you forget it, then you remember it again andContinue reading “All Cows Eat Grass – Good boys deserve Football”

10 essential steps to learn the piano

Recognizing the notes on the piano or keyboard, not only the white notes but also the black notes and what they mean Get familiar with the different types of notes and mix them creating rhythm and make sure you understand it Technique exercises: Your fingers need training otherwise they will not responde accordingly to whatContinue reading “10 essential steps to learn the piano”

Repetition is the master of skill

In the last few years I have read so many different books related to the way the brain works and the benefits of having a positive outlook to what you want to achieve. When you analize things then you come to realise that when you try to do something that seems very difficult consciously, forContinue reading “Repetition is the master of skill”

Free Piano Resources

Teaching piano is an exciting journey and along with that your creativity needs to be constantly at work, every student is different and sometimes you have to find new ways to encourage your students to achieve improvement either with technique, sight-reading or adapting pieces so they can still enjoy playing their favourite music. In thisContinue reading “Free Piano Resources”

Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen, Yiruma

Modern classical composers such as Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen and Yiruma have been quite popular in the recent years. I believe Ludovico Einaudi first featured one of his tracks in the film This is England with Nubole Bianche. Then I Giorni being featured by Greg James in BBC radio 1 gave this italian composer evemContinue reading “Ludovico Einaudi, Yann Tiersen, Yiruma”