All Cows Eat Grass – Good boys deserve Football

I am sure you have heard this before, this is an anagram to help you remember the notes on the music staff, you start by remembering the phrase, then the letter then you have to locate it on the piano then on the music sheet then you forget it, then you remember it again and so on. I think anagrams are ok, but when you have to go through so many mind processes to get to what you actually need to do which is press the right key when your eyes see it on the music, it is TOO SLOW. There are other techniques you can use to remember the notes if you already have a teacher showing you how to do it make sure that you learn to find the notes quickly and confidently, this will help you sight-read without finding this complicated and frustrating. If you want some new techniques on how to learn the notes on the treble and bass clef and also maybe those very high notes that seem impossible please get in touch!

Happy week to you all.

Published by Cristian Van Schuerbeck

Piano Teacher in Teddington, Greater London, England with over 15 years experience teaching the piano to children and adults. Music Composer, father of two Children and Self Development expert :)

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