10 essential steps to learn the piano

  • Recognizing the notes on the piano or keyboard, not only the white notes but also the black notes and what they mean
  • Get familiar with the different types of notes and mix them creating rhythm and make sure you understand it
  • Technique exercises: Your fingers need training otherwise they will not responde accordingly to what you want to play.
  • Sight-reading: Reading music will help you learn music faster rather than wathing videos on how to play a certain piece of music, you will become independent.
  • Patience: You need to be patient, learning piano is not something that happens in a week’s time
  • Practice and Repetition: Keep practicing until you master what you are learning.
  • Enjoyment: Find exercises that you enjoy and tell your teacher what type of music you like.
  • Music Theory: Learn music theory but don’t learn it as if you are reading a book, use what you learn and do this by steps.
  • Share what you are learning and show your new skills to your family and friends, this creates a sense of achievement and you will feel proud of yourself.
  • Having the right instrument will help you progress faster and you will enjoy listening to what you are playing.

Happy Weekend everybody!


Published by Cristian Van Schuerbeck

Piano Teacher in Teddington, Greater London, England with over 15 years experience teaching the piano to children and adults. Music Composer, father of two Children and Self Development expert :)

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