10 essential steps to learn the piano

Recognizing the notes on the piano or keyboard, not only the white notes but also the black notes and what they mean Get familiar with the different types of notes and mix them creating rhythm and make sure you understand it Technique exercises: Your fingers need training otherwise they will not responde accordingly to whatContinue reading “10 essential steps to learn the piano”

Repetition is the master of skill

In the last few years I have read so many different books related to the way the brain works and the benefits of having a positive outlook to what you want to achieve. When you analize things then you come to realise that when you try to do something that seems very difficult consciously, forContinue reading “Repetition is the master of skill”

Grade 5 achievement

I would like to say big congratulations to my student Theo who achieved Grade 5 during lockdown, he is currently enjoying learning Toccata and Fugue by Bach and is doing an amazing job at learning all those pages! Well done Theo.