Repetition is the master of skill

In the last few years I have read so many different books related to the way the brain works and the benefits of having a positive outlook to what you want to achieve. When you analize things then you come to realise that when you try to do something that seems very difficult consciously, for example a very challenging passage hands together by Chopin or Bach with his counterpoint, our mind hesitates and wants to stop us from using so much of the precious energy that the brain needs to other activities, so the conscious brain in a way doesn’t like spending this energy for a single task specifically. So – how do we get to play those wonderful compositions that require a lot of this energy?

The answer is repetition. We have an inbuilt part of our brain that works for us, it is like the speed of a Ferrari and allows us to perform those great an amazing compositions by the great composers. When you repeat someething, let’s say we repeat and practice a section of music that seems difficult, we are delivering this information to our Subconcious mind, the part of our brain that makes us play without realizing how hard or how many notes we are playing at once. If we now compare, if we were consciously trying to play all those notes in The Turkish March by Mozart note by note then we would never be able to play it fluently but on the other hand if you deliver the information to your Subconscious mind by repetition then you will master the piece and make it sound beautiful and secure. Hope this helps you understand why practice is important in a more elaborate way.

Hope you are enjoying the rest of your Easter Holidays.


Published by Cristian Van Schuerbeck

Piano Teacher in Teddington, Greater London, England with over 15 years experience teaching the piano to children and adults. Music Composer, father of two Children and Self Development expert :)

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